Wax on, hair off! Bicycle Ride For Charity Waxing Event!

Wax on, hair off! Bicycle Ride For Charity Waxing Event!

You might have seen the movie where Steve Carrel had his chest waxed, the movie is called the ‘40 Year Old Virgin’, (if you haven’t seen it, or need a memory refresh, you can check out the scene by clicking HERE)

Ivan Goethals & Alex Fabry told us they thought it would be funny to get their bodies waxed to raise some money prior to their ambitious 1800km bicycle ride from Jakarta to Bali. Bicycle Tour For Charity is their way of doing something to the abject poverty that they had witnessed in the village of Suwung. It is located on the Bali rubbish dump. You can smell it before you can see it.

We jumped at the chance to host the event. Thinking there wouldn’t be anything funnier. Especially with Alex involved. He’s a comedian, and while he isn’t quite as hairy as Steve Carrel, he is very bushy. The night was brandished with the moniker ‘The 50 Year Old Waxing Virgins.’

The lovely ladies from Think Pink Waxing Salon started on the legs to give the lads some perspective of the pain, the next thirty minutes consisted of a hell of a lot of laughter punctuated by swearing as the two contorted, squawked, grimaced and shrieked their way to two pairs of perfectly polished pins.

The chest lay ahead. Ivan’s light smattering of chest hair gave him a distinct advantage and everyone knew it, including Alex who must have been questioning his decision to hold this waxing for the last twenty nine minutes.

The crowd pushed in around Alex. Fists full of money were thrust in by various ‘friends’ each wanting to purchase different regions of dense black hair to be exfoliated, no, the nether regions were not on offer.

It is funny how these types of events bring out the sadist in us though, most of the bidders had but one stipulation, they wanted to be the one to pull the wax saturated strips off!

Ivan was all clean and done before Alex was half way through. The bin overflowed with hair and wax infested cloth and the crowd continued with their barbarous and beer infused raucous laughter.

If the barometer for the event was the two bright glabrous pink bodies on display at the end of the night, we’d definitely had a win. If it was the ear splitting grins they both STILL wore, we’d also scored.

But the real metric was the money they had collected to build a school at Suwung village and that would go a long way.

If you would like to donate to the BicycleTourForCharity please hit one of the links below.


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