Darryl Homan & The House Of Vintage Foam

Darryl Homan & The House Of Vintage Foam
The highly anticipated Deus Old Mal competition is around the corner at this years Noosa Festival Of Surfing. For those of you who don’t know, this competition is a true crowd favourite, where surfers must ride longboards dating before 1968 in order to compete. Over the years Deus has always had a strong showing in the Old Mal and this year we’ve sponsored the event.

In the lead up to this years event Zye Norris & Sierra Lerback gave us the heads up to come check out, and select, an aged log from the archives of local legend and king of vintage surf memorabilia; Darryl Homan. 
If you're struggling to put a face to a name, but you cant remember why - it's probably because his go-to-move in any and all long boarding competitions was to ride backwards with his pants around his ankles. But for a refresher on the great man, check out the photos.
His collection was like walking into a top notch wine cellar with rare and beautiful wines aged to perfection where yellow fibreglass provided all the light we needed to peruse the boards and chat all things surf. 
Like any true, life long collector, Darryl can spin a yarn about each and every sled in his collection. Be it a polished Gerry Lopez or the stringer less Cordingly hiding in the back. Darryl is a true connoisseur of everything surf and will chat your ear off about it any chance he gets.
One board he did take special care to mention is his prize possession, an exact replica of Micheal Petersons Morning of the Earth, stubby single. The crown jewel of his sprawling collection. Never to be surfed, and forever admired. A true price of surf history which Darryl treasures.  
With stacks of boards including shapes from Greg Noll, Joe Larkin and Chris Cornel, one afternoon wasn’t nearly enough to see everything Darryl has stashed away in his shed. With over 150 boards and that again in books, posters, kneeboards and skateboards, we have plenty of reasons to visit him again soon. Zye & Sierra did end up picking a magic sled to ride in the Old Mal comp, and we certainly have plans to sweet talk Darryl into bringing his beautiful collection down for all to see at the Deus Surf Swap happening at The J Noosa this Saturday the 12th of March. 
Deus Surf Swaps have been a highlight of our surfing catalogue for as long as we are old. It's an opportunity to trade, sell and talk all things vintage boards and surfing memorabilia. If that sounds like you cup of tea, or if you have any pieces you're proud of, we would love to see them. 
Bring 'em down and lets talk yellow foam.