The Honda Donkey

The Honda Donkey

The Honda Z-series; you either love them or don’t know what they are. At Deus we lean towards the side of affection, but for those aligned to the latter congregation let us give you a run down… 

The Z-series was originally produced as a 49cc amusement park ride for children in Japan, but in the late 60’s went into mass production across the globe. “Children’s ride?” I can hear you questioning - and yes you read right, the bikes measured in at nickel over 50 kegs and are just tall enough to ride the rollercoaster. For that reason the Z-series was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Monkey’, as Monkey riders are no strangers to hunch backs and acute joints; replicating that of a circus monkey. 

But despite the bikes shortcomings it’s impossible to deny the fun you can have on these miniature and fuel efficient machines. Some 70 years on, these bikes now boast 125cc engines. making even the toughest leather covered Angel grin like a Cheshire Cat on the back.

Every year Honda produces a new version of the Monkey and the 2021 model is where this story starts. Honda Korea reached out to us asking if we were interested in a Monkey customisation, and the answer in short was; “Yes, when can we start?”.

Alongside Crazy Garage we began concepting a custom with the words ‘easy, fun and dynamic’ in mind. All words which drove the bike the whole way through the build to where it is now. 

Check out the photos and the video for the most accurate representation of how fun these bikes really are. 

Specs of DONKEY MK1 follows:
Crazy Garage x Deus foundry 
Special handmade Slip-on exhaust

Hande bar
Medium Compound Grip

Knuckle Guard
Headlight Guard
Billet Wide Footpeg Kit

Steering Stem Stabilizer

Engine Protection
Heel Guard

Tail Cowl
Modified by Crazy Garage

STX 36 Twin rear suspension

Honda Tricolor Painting


Present / Motorbike Magazine (@motorbikezine), Honda Korea (@hondamotorcyclekorea)

Director / Jin Cheol Kim (AFRO FILM)
Producer / Jake Yang
Rider / Yeon soo Yun
Builder / Crazy garage
Shooting Car / Sang Hyun Kim (Null90)
Lighting / Hwi Dong Kim
Editor / Sama Sama