The 5 Of My Life - A Dare Jennings Podcast

The 5 Of My Life - A Dare Jennings Podcast


The first audio only entry to find its way to the Deus Blog. Its a groundbreaking day for us all, so its only fitting the podcast be about one of the Deus Ground Breakers. But, before we throw you into the audio fire we thought it be best to give you some background to the show as well as the host, Nigel Marsh.

Nigel Marsh is best known for his creative pursuits. As well as the author of three books – Fat, Forty and Fired, Overworked and Underlaid and Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up – he is also the co-founder of Earth Hour and the founder of the Sydney Skinny. Fat, Forty and Fired is currently being developed into a major TV series.

The other side to Nigel’s career is his 30+ years experience in the commercial sector. Over that time Nigel has worked with a huge variety of organisations. From the highest profile (McDonalds, Canon, Pepsi, P&G, Virgin, Mars, Fiat, Colgate), to national governments and local enterprises. Whether dealing with big business issues or social engineering (HIV, drink driving, smoking, climate change), Nigel has provided strategic counsel and impressive results in almost every category imaginable.

So why not take this impressive resumé and turn it into a podcast? 

*Enter The 5 Of My Life*

Nigel chats to prominent personalities about their favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession and the stories behind them, and in this weeks episode our humble leader Dare Jennings was in the spotlight. 

"To create one iconic brand is impressive, to create three - remarkable. MAMBO, Phantom Records, Deus Ex Machina -  the realm of genius. Welcome to the world of Aussie legend Dare Jennings."

Enjoy listening!