When the season changes and the trade winds swing from east to west, the swells hitting the shores start to drop or get so wind affected they aren’t worth chasing. It’s then that you know that the fun you had been having has now left for a spell.

The ease went with it and now to get yourself some more it’s about getting up off your bum, kicking your mates and heading out the door to find it. Don’t lose sight that fun can be found in the most unexpected places.

Early one morning we fueled up and headed flat out. Leaving an empty Kuta behind with all her trappings. We headed up into the hills, away from the hustle bustle and hoi polio. The rain came but we didn’t care, fun and a chance to shake off a year which hadn’t been great for anyone, foremost on our minds.

Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita… (Who Else If Not Us…)  


Daripada bosan gara-gara ombak nggak datang karena memang lagi nggak musim, mending kami ke bengkel ngeluarin motor (apalagi kalau motor 2 tak) berpetualang bareng sama teman-teman yang sama gilanya. Kami bisa nemuin keseruan di saat kita naik motor ke tempat yang nggak terduga.

Jadi pada suatu pagi, kami bertiga pun berangkat mengisi bensin motor menuju petualangan baru. Aroma asap oli samping membakar adrenalin kami untuk memacu motor lebih cepat, meninggalkan Kuta yang kosong dengan segala jebakannya. Kami menuju bukit meninggalkan keruwetan kota.

Walaupun hujan datang tapi kami nggak peduli, menikmati setiap tetes seperti anak kecil kemarin sore, bersenang-senang dan berkata dalam hati kami, persetan dengan tahun kemarin.

Itulah inti keseruan dalam petualangan kami kali ini.

Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita…


Starring: Deni Pirduas, Dean Permana & I Gede Arya Eka Wira Dharma

Director – Dylan Kaczmarek
Producers – Arthur Perrin & Anthony McInerheney
Directory of photography & Principal camera operator – Achmad Ryandi
Second Camera & Aerial shots – Dwinanda Aldyan

Editor – Andre Cricket

Still photography – Didit Prasetyo Adiwibowo & Mario Stefanelli

We would love to give a massive thank you to Jordy Maxwell for his support in letting us use two of his amazing songs in our little movie. Deni, Dean and Ayok can be seen surfing to Jordy’s hit, “Blue Eyes”
And we have the credits roll over his outstanding track, “She Came Back With Rainbows”
Be sure to check out more of his music over at
He can also be heard at Spotify

Country Gold – Hunter Quinn
Cry My Heart Out – Suffer City
The Old Dirt Road – Bo The Drifter
Are all used under license through Epidemic Sound