Kawasaki W800 Korea

Kawasaki W800 Korea

Our brothers in Seoul in cahoots with workshop Crazy Garage took it upon themselves to give this Kawasaki W800 sled a complete overhaul and tracker conversion.

Purring and ready for the flat track, the front end of this W800 sports an aluminium front plate with a halogen lamp, SHOWA fully adjustable forks, Ducati clamps, and is tied together with race-inspired handle controls.

The airbox was gutted and replaced with two velocity stacks and coupled with an essential 2-2 exhaust system optimising airflow both in and out.

Both wheels were converted to 19” for a more conventional flat track size and lovingly powder-coated in premium black and then fitted with the obligatory Dunlop K180 tyres.

The rear shocks were replaced by a pair of OHLINS to ensure a compliance as well as control. A Brembo radial master cylinder with an oversized rotor was then fitted to pull the whole shebang up.

An NHK steering damper was installed for better control in the rough when they’re sliding left.

Fuel injection is authorised by a Power Commander V piggybacked to the ECU, making sure to always mix a perfect fuel cocktail.

With all the comfort and performance resolved, Jackpot custom painting swooped in for a facelift and recolour of the newly minted flat tracker.

  • Builder: Crazy Garage (IG: @crazy_garage_)
  • Painter: Jackpot Custom (IG: @jp_custom)
  • Photo by Motorbike Magazine Korea (URL: http://www.mbzine.com/)
  • Rider: Yeonsu Yoon