Introducing Deus Cantina

Introducing Deus Cantina

Introducing Deus Cantina. It’s time to fuel your fork!

In a world where change is the only constant, Deus Amsterdam has evolved its F&B location into a vibrant place that our iconic Dutch city needs. 

From today our doors are open from Thursday to Sunday, for brunch until late in the night. During the day, the menu reflects a simple, homely vibe – expect the Classics including Burgerdicts and Persian Green Frittatata. 

After 3PM is when we gather for our famous Dutch “borrel’’. Here at the Deus Cantina you can ‘build your own’ at the Borrel Bar. What to pick? Mackerel rillettes, faux gras paté alongside house-baked focaccia or local ‘Kometen’ sourdough bread with creamy feta and dill. Famous cheeses (Doreval and Mokum’s Schoffie) and local charcuterie (Wild van Wild). Oh, and Bitterballen too!

However, in the evening the lights go down and the menu shifts into signature sharing plates. This is where our kitchen Gods take you on a little road trip around the world – from Laos, Korea and France. Think local Burrato and spicy Asian inspired watermelon salads, arepas, tortillas, and more. 

The menu of chefs Frank and Neil balances plant-based and vegetarian dishes with the meaty choices. It’s a casual Deus way to share the flavour.

Drop by for a hello and get a taste of what’s new. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Deus Cantina! 

Curious? Make your reservation now through the link in our bio.

Photos by @tristanfopma