Deus Cafe Milan

Via Thaon Di Revel 3, 20159 Milano, Italy
P: +39 02 83439230

Monday 17-01
Tuesday 17-01
Wednesday 17-01
Thursday 17-01
Friday 17-02
Saturday 10:30 - 02
Sunday 10:30 - 01

Via Thaon Di Revel 3, 20159 Milano, Italy |

In the Milanese Deus store it is always possible to find new specials, motorcycles, bicycles and it will also be the place to appreciate some Deus "icons": the "Greivous Angel", "The Mono", the "Street Tracker" bikes, the Deus Cycleworks bikes with “Surf carriers” and fat tires, the custom fixed gear on a Cinelli or vintage base, the Deus surfboards, made in Bali for enthusiasts by the best shapers in the world.

Inside the exhibition space there is the "Deus Café", a restaurant and bar that with its atmosphere has quickly become the meeting point for fans of the 3 worlds related to Deus and the beating heart of the events that can be held there.

Here you can find delicious food, sprits, beers and of course - friendly neighborhood vibes.

Stop by and say hello!

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