Deus Bike Build Off - Behind the builds (Indonesia)

Deus Bike Build Off - Behind the builds (Indonesia)
The Deus Bike Build Off stands out amongst other bike building competitions because it centres on 'creating the most with the least'.
Meet Arfan of Bckyrd Customs in Indonesia - a Bike Build Off veteran - who took the time to talk about the Indonesian build scene and the same love of creating a truly unique bike out of the things that are available to you.
"Over the years, we have entered three different bikes into the Bike Build Off, the most recent was a little Café Racer we built out of a 1997 Honda GL Pro. What makes us different is what makes a lot of bike builders in Indonesia different, we are more into building bikes that are fully functional, proportional, aesthetically easy and fun to ride by design.
We do that from the ground up and with what resources we have readily available and with our bare hands, rather than getting a bike, buying some parts and ostensibly just decorating it".
Some of the best and most creative builds we have seen since the Bike Build Off's inception in 2010, have come from Indonesia and we're certainly expecting big things from the archipelago this year.
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