Boards Hangout

Boards Hangout
There is always a reason to celebrate at the Deus Mansion. This time around, it was a coalition in the canopies, as we opened the long-awaited Brazilian rooftop in the Sao Paulo clouds.
The Mansion's top floor is the archetypal cherry upon any Deus store sundae. It boasts enough room to dance, drink and drop dialogue – with an open bar, stage and a big screen perfect for watching Deus films while you cool down those tapped toes. 
With an anticipated opening party, long in the works, we contacted our friends at the Museu do Surfe to show off some top end foam and talk them through over a few drinks, graciously accompanied by musical savants Dj Novset and Filippe Dias. Once our souls were worn we turned to the open-air cinema, screening a stack of Deus Films while eating like kings. Gratitude to the gastronomy hosted by the ever prestigious Dario Costa. 
What a great turnout and awesome way to break in the new space. We celebrated surf culture in the highest style and had a blast doing it. 
Photos: @blackstone_media