A Royal Motorcycle Read

Royal Enfield. It’s a brand synonymous with quality and prestige, and one we have recently come to  admire under the Deus roof. That’s why our lead spanner Jeremy Tagand took it upon himself to customise 3 Royal Enfield 650 twins which vary in character and colour but find consistency in unmatched saliva inducing style. Only last week Jeremy attended Surfside Motorcycles Enfield Show & Shine in Sydney and 2 of his 3 builds took out first and second place, with the remaining taking out the people's choice.
Just wait until you see them. Something to behold, and don’t worry – you won't be waiting long. From tomorrow we will be unveiling these beauties; bike by bike, week by week.
Like many early motorcycle manufacturers, Royal Enfield originated through its less powerful cousin, the bicycle, but in the early 1900’s developed into a British motorcycle haven known for quality and power. 
Royal Enfield supplied firearm parts to the British government’s Royal Small Arms Factory in the 1890’s, hence the punchy motto “made like a gun”. A slogan only mirrored by the 736cc parallel twin which was capable of running a quarter mile in under 13 seconds. So, and rightly so, when that rumour reached US soil, those power hungry yanks put a spotlight on British 2 stroke engineering. 

Their heyday didn't last long, closing doors for good in 1970, but a lonely build named the Bullet was enough to see the Royal Enfield brand live on. While the brand spent time on Indian soil, it was a father and son duo of Vikram & Siddartha Lal that saw the longevity of Royal Enfield push on. In 2017 Royal Enfield returned to the UK once again, and a venture between Indian and UK teams saw Royal Enfield rise to where it is now. 
Keep your eyes peeled for some Royal Enfield glory coming to your screens soon. 
Photo by Kenyon Batterson